About Me

If you like getting hot, sweaty and out of breath, take a seat and get comfortable my friends.

No, this isn’t one of those websites you need to close your bedroom door and grab the Kleenex for – sorry if that disappoints!

I am here in an attempt to diminish the weak girls stereotype and re-enforce the #girlswholift & #thisgirlcan campaigns. Showing everyone that they can do anything and everything they put their minds to.

Although I’ve been on and off with my fitness regime for the past 7 or 8 years, I have been back into it since July 2016 – see obligatory progress selfie above – and I am just beginning my journey into becoming a PT. The ultimate goal is to own my own gym, so this blog is my dumping ground for workouts, exercise tips, my experiences, recipes and ramblings that go through my head.

I have had a few people contact me asking for help and advice with losing weight, exercising and such like. I love the feeling of helping people along in their journey, so why not come along and enjoy the ride.

Follow my blog, hit me up on instagram/twitter/facebook – the usual socials – and let’s do this!