5 Ways to Keep Active in the Office

When your job is behind a desk it's easy to just sit there and not move for the majority of the day. Doing this can cause side effects and your body certainly won't thank you for it as you get older. So here are 5 ways to keep yourself active whilst at work.

8 Plant-Based Proteins You Should Be Eating

It's a common misconception that in order to get enough protein in your diet, meat is the only way.Β  So I've created a short list of plant-based proteins and their protein contents for those of you who are vegetarian, vegan or if you're simply thinking about changing your eating habits.

June Monthly Favourites & Progress

As it's now the end of June, believe it or not! Wasn't Christmas last week?! I wanted to summarise how this month has gone for me. So here they are, my favourite music, netflix shows, book, workouts, food and my body progress alongside my goals for July.