Flexed arm to show the bicep progress

Killer Arm Workout to Bust Those Bingo Wings!

In recent months I've fallen in love with working my arms. Leg day is and always has been my favourite, but nowadays arms is a close second. I'm noticing a lot more progress with my arms which is definitely pushing me to keep it up and see what else I can do! Have a read through, give this workout a try and let me know how you get on!

A Workout Playlist to Help You Kick Butt in the Gym

I struggle to workout to the music played in the gym, I much prefer listening to playlists that I've put together. So I wanted to share a playlist with you in the hope that it'll be the same for you.

June Monthly Favourites & Progress

As it's now the end of June, believe it or not! Wasn't Christmas last week?! I wanted to summarise how this month has gone for me. So here they are, my favourite music, netflix shows, book, workouts, food and my body progress alongside my goals for July.

4 Tips for Maintaining a Successful Fitness Regime

Sticking to a new fitness regime or diet isn't easy, especially when you first start out. Many people struggle and will often quit within the first couple of weeks. So here are a few tips I've put together that helped me (and still do!) keep up my regime, so that you aren't one of those quitters!Β 


Hump Day Leg & Booty Builder Workout

Some don't like leg day and many actively avoid it. But legs and glutes are two of my favourite things to focus on at the gym. So here's my workout to train my legs and booty, why not give it a try and let me know how you get on.

FRIYAY Back & Abs Workout

I almost didn't go to the gym yesterday. The sun was shining as I left work, I was going to a gig with friends at my local and my glutes were still aching from my workout on Wednesday. (First day back after a few weeks out is always a killer!) But as I got closer to home the sun went in and my gym bag was in the car giving me a dirty look for not putting it to good use, so I just went on in anyway. Here's my back workout followed by a brief ab workout, give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Weight Training vs. Cardio

Cardio has always been seen to be the best way to lose fat, but strength training is far more effective. The weights area of the gym probably seems like a daunting place, full of testosterone and grunts as people pick up and throw down the weights. Here are a couple of reasons as to why strength training is much more effective than cardio when it comes to losing weight.