4 Ways to Stay Safe in this (Brief) British Summer Sunshine

If you live in the UK as I do, you're probably enjoying the brief 5 days of June sunshine that will probably be the entirety of our summer.  So I wanted to share with you some tips to follow when it comes to staying safe in the sun this (brief) summer. 

4 Tips for Maintaining a Successful Fitness Regime

Sticking to a new fitness regime or diet isn't easy, especially when you first start out. Many people struggle and will often quit within the first couple of weeks. So here are a few tips I've put together that helped me (and still do!) keep up my regime, so that you aren't one of those quitters! 

Spinach & Mushroom Scrambled Egg

I love eggs. I eat them whenever and wherever I can, they're the main reason I can't/won't become a vegan. They're just too good! So here is my recipe for the perfect mushroom and spinach scrambled eggs.


Carbs and No-Carb Diets, Good or Bad?

Women are scrutinised daily for everything we do. How we walk, talk, dress, what we eat and what we look like. This has ultimately created a world where some of us are scared to make our next move. Here is my experience of no-carb diets and a few reasons you shouldn't cut them out of your diet.


Hump Day Leg & Booty Builder Workout

Some don't like leg day and many actively avoid it. But legs and glutes are two of my favourite things to focus on at the gym. So here's my workout to train my legs and booty, why not give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Macro Diets – Changing The Way You Lose Weight

Macronutrients, also known as macro’s, are what make up the calorie content of food. They are made up of three categories: carbohydrates, protein and fats. In my experience it's the best diet to lose weight and here are a few reasons why.

My Favourite Post-Workout Snack

I am always thinking about food. Even as I type this, I’m thinking about the fish I’ve put in the oven for my tea, along with the cottage pie I’m cooking tomorrow. So I thought I would share with you one of my favourite post-workout snacks.

How I Kept Motivated to Workout at Home

Although I now go to my local gym for workouts, I started my fitness regime back up by working out at home. Not everyone wants to go to the gym and some find it much easier and more comfortable to do it at home. So I thought I’d share a few tips with you that helped me out.

FRIYAY Back & Abs Workout

I almost didn't go to the gym yesterday. The sun was shining as I left work, I was going to a gig with friends at my local and my glutes were still aching from my workout on Wednesday. (First day back after a few weeks out is always a killer!) But as I got closer to home the sun went in and my gym bag was in the car giving me a dirty look for not putting it to good use, so I just went on in anyway. Here's my back workout followed by a brief ab workout, give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Office snacking, meal prep. Granola, Greek yoghurt, blueberries and honey

7 Ways to Keep Unhealthy Office Snacking to a Minimum

Anyone who works in an office knows the struggles of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. I’m probably one of the worst people for taking time out to eat lunch and have a break, there’s just never enough time in the day. Without all of the cakes that seem to appear at my office – there must be at least one birthday every week! So here are 7 tips to stay healthy whilst in the office.